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How does The Build Chain assist Branch Managers?


A Branch Manager primary role is to drive branch sales/margin and ensure the branch operates efficiently and safely. In doing so, this position plays a vital role in achieving the branch budgets and operational targets.

Problems Faced:

Build and maintain relationships with new and existing trade and retail customers

Providing proactive leadership to the branch team; communicating effectively, identifying training needs, managing performance, delegating tasks to direct reports and ensuring the best overall utilisation of the team

Set a high standard of customer service within the branch, thereby sustaining customer satisfaction and loyalty

Maintaining and developing corporate image and reputation

Our Solution:

We offer access to a comprehensive sales channel that provides users with the opportunity to engage with new and existing customers with every matching enquiry sent using our dashboard. From here users can liaise directly with customers to gain their business. Our system highlights all preferred contacts making it easy to prioritise retaining important existing customer base.

Branch managers can instil accountability as our procurement archives can be attributed to a specific user, this ensures compliance and governance. Our reports detailing internal metrics (e.g., response rate comparative to other branches and other merchants) highlight areas of weakness and where training needs to be directed. With our assign feature work can easily be delegated to align the task with team member expertise - increasing productivity and efficiency.

The Build Chain dashboard provides a standardised approach to quoting enquiries that ensures consistency in a branch's operations; with our live chat feature users can directly engage with customers to offer support and build a repour with customers. Our digital platform means no more missed calls, emails or paperwork, this streamlines the quoting process for a more efficient system.

We provide access to data driven insights and reports detailing internal performance as well as market performance. This allows branch managers to increase the efficiency of their team and in turn the quality of their deliverables. This combined with making well informed decisions boosts a branches reputation.

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