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Connecting Contractors nationally, to Merchants locally

How does The Build Chain assist Directors and Owners?


Taking personal responsibility for own and team performance and provide direction and development to their team. They are responsible for delivering annual revenue and profit margin targets by identifying new business opportunities to increase market share.

Problems Faced:

Building and maintaining effective working relationships with all stakeholders

Pursuing improvements in competitiveness to reach revenue and profit targets

Identifying and strategically managing risks and opportunities

Instilling governance and compliance into the team

(Ensuring that the team has the skills, knowledge and experience to meet the current and future needs of the business and the industry)

Our Solution:

Using The Build Chain dashboard provides directors with comprehensive and instant access to new customers with every enquiry sent by a contractor that matches their location and product offering. Our dashboard's procurement archives can highlight which employees may need support and/or extra training and can demonstrate compliance to industry standards and regulations.

The Build Chain platform puts emphasis on the value in which a merchant can provide to a contractor and steers procurement away from being solely price focused. This opens multiple strategies and opportunities for directors to exploit in order to increase their competitiveness instead of participating in a price race to the bottom.

Our reports provide detailed insights into company performance, comparing each branches performance to one another and their competitors as well as the demand for each product offering. With this data directors can identify which branches or stock lines are liabilities as well as recognising opportunities for growth and development.

The dashboard features procurement archives, where all correspondence is stored and logged, this key data provides evidence of a clear digital paper trail attributed to a specific user. These internal archives and reports allow directors to monitor compliance, set KPIs and establish the core principles of governance: accountability, transparency and responsibility.

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