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Complementing, Not Replacing: How The Build Chain Adds Value to Buyers  

The Build Chain complements a buyer’s job, not replaces it. We recognise the vital role buyers play within an organisation, ensuring the profitability of business contracts by purchasing the most cost-effective and appropriate materials .

Our platform is a tool that assists you in your tasks, improves efficiency, and provides valuable insights. It isn’t a substitute for your expertise.

Giving you time to focus on strategic tasks

The Build Chain automates a number of routine and time-consuming tasks which frees up your time to focus on more strategic and value-added activities requiring human judgement, negotiation skills, and relationship management. We streamline the procurement process, removing the need for manual paperwork, time-consuming phone calls, and scattered spreadsheets.

On our platform you submit one simple enquiry form and the quotes come to you. This leaves you free to focus on negotiating with potential suppliers and building relationships with them.

Informed decision making & analysis

The data analytics and insights The Build Chain provides help you:

  • Make informed decisions
  • Analyse supplier performance
  • Monitor market trends
  • Strategise your approach based on accurate information.

The information on our platform helps you determine the best source of supply for all products and equipment required, based upon price, quality, delivery time, reliability, and sustainability.

Each quote you receive via The Build Chain includes an ESG percentage which shows percentage savings of carbon emissions from the furthest to the closest supplier, helping you make informed sustainability decisions.

Other data we can provide includes number of enquiries sent, quotes received, quotes accepted, timeframes for quotes received and the categories you’ve enquired about.

Supplier relationship management

The Build Chain enhances your ability to manage supplier relationships effectively. It provides a consolidated view of supplier performance, enabling you to nurture and collaborate with them to achieve mutual benefits.

The ability to see quotes in a singular location makes accurate comparison easier and can reveal insights such as alternative suppliers offering more competitive pricing than your preferred suppliers.

While the platform makes it easier to identify areas for improvement, it cannot replace your ability to engage in complex negotiations, especially for high-value or critical procurements. Human judgement, understanding of market dynamics, and negotiation skills are essential in such scenarios.

Our live chat facility allows you to control the way you communicate with suppliers and ensures relationships can be built and maintained.

Futureproofing your role

The construction industry is beginning to embrace new technologies to enhance the way it operates. By gaining experience in using digital tools, you’ll ensure your skills remain sought-after in the evolving industry landscape.

Using an online procurement platform can create professional growth by exposing you to new procurement processes, data-driven decision making, and innovative practices.

Feedback & improvement

We use user feedback to make improvements to our platform. This allows us to ensure it aligns with your needs and workflows, even as the construction industry continues to change.

The Build Chain is here to support your work, not replace it. Our online procurement platform was built using feedback from quantity surveyors, buyers, and procurement experts. We continue to use genuine user feedback to further develop the system.

Book a customised demo to see how The Build Chain can add value to your role.

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