It's ok, not to be ok.

We have partnered with MIND to become a national charity partner, donating a perecentage of each subscription fee to help support better mental health.

Over 700 suicides per year

Two people working in construction in the UK die by suicide every day. Over 700 per year.

Time off for Stress

48% have taken time off work owing to unmanageable stress.

26% have suicidal thoughts

91% have felt overwhelmed and 26% have experienced suicidal thoughts.

Mental Health
in Construction

Elevated anxiety levels

A third of construction workers suffer with elevated levels of anxiety every day.

There's a stigma

Over two thirds of construction workers belive there's a stigma surrounding mental health.

Won't speak up

Almost half find it hard to talk about their mental health due to the stigma surrounding it

Only £50 per month.