Supporting Sustainable Materials Procurement

We make it easy to choose suppliers local to your site, improving efficiency and reducing emissions.

With the built environment generating 40% of global carbon emissions, of which 13% can directly be attributed to building materials and construction, it’s becoming ever more critical for the construction industry to take responsibility for its impact on the environment.

The Build Chain was created in response to the problems facing the construction industry. Alongside price inflation, sourcing materials and products, and inefficient processes, we wanted to make it easier for contractors to procure sustainably.

Independent, local merchants

With over 500 branches now available on our online construction procurement platform, choosing independent, local merchants for your project is easy. Using local suppliers plays a critical part in reducing carbon emissions by shortening the distance between your site and your suppliers, directly decreasing any transport-related emissions. It also has the added benefits of supporting the local economy and faster delivery times.

Better visibility of your supply chain

Our construction procurement software brings everything together into one dashboard giving you greater visibility of your procurement activities. This helps ensure you are only purchasing what is needed to reduce waste and unnecessary deliveries.

Each merchant also has the option to upload their bio to the platform, making it easier to choose suppliers that work in sustainable ways. Our virtual Manufacturer Expos deliver the latest product news and information so you’ll be among the first to know when new environmentally-friendly products become available.

ESG Percentage

When merchants respond to your enquiries via The Build Chain platform, each quote will include an ESG saving percentage. To calculate this, we take a 26-tonne truck and based on how close to the live site per mile work out the percentage savings of emissions from the furthest to closest supplier.

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