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How THB Is Streamlining Their Supply Chain And Improving Project Delivery With The Build Chain

London-based THB has been utilising The Build Chain online procurement platform to increase efficiency and speed up the process of purchasing materials.

When the company, which works across civil engineering, surfacing, road lining, and hydroblasting, needs materials for their projects, they can use the platform to submit an enquiry which is instantly distributed to local suppliers within a 30 mile radius. Suppliers then provide quotes which THB can compare in one dashboard before buying direct from their chosen merchant.

Prior to joining the platform, THB was experiencing some of the issues the construction industry as a whole is facing. Global events, including COVID-19 and Brexit, were inflating materials prices and because THB carries out specialised works, they were having to deal with noticeably longer lead times and significantly more expensive delivery fees from their international suppliers.

David Broughton, Commercial Director at THB, said:

“Before joining The Build Chain, the company’s procurement process was inefficient. The slow and manual process of having to contact merchants had led to the company relying heavily on pre-existing quotes and agreed rates from suppliers. Without realising, the company had been overpaying for materials…”

“The Build Chain allows us to contact multiple suppliers in the space of minutes, providing rates quickly and easily accessible through their online portal. Not only does The Build Chain offer THB financial gain, but also allows the company to engage with local suppliers, streamlining our supply chain, and helping to improve the delivery of our projects.”

If you’d like to experience the benefits of The Build Chain platform for yourself, get in touch and book a demo.

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