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Rasico Construction saves time and increases efficiency with The Build Chain

Northallerton-based Rasico Construction has been utilising The Build Chain online procurement platform to transform their procurement processes by increasing efficiency and saving time.

When the company needs to purchase construction products or building materials, they can use the platform to submit one simple enquiry form. This then instantly notifies relevant suppliers within the local area and allows them to send quotes.

For the six enquiries Rasico Construction submitted via The Build Chain in their first week, they received 18 quotes, an average of three per enquiry. Responses were received quickly:

  • Five enquiries received 10 quotes within an hour
  • One enquiry received three quotes in 15 minutes, with the quickest arriving in 3 minutes and 49 seconds
  • 14 of the 18 quotes received were delivered within two hours

With 75% of quotes delivered within one hour winning the enquiry, The Build Chain incentivises merchants to respond quickly, which saves time for contractors using the platform and increases the efficiency of the procurement process.

The platform has removed the need to manually repeat an enquiry across multiple suppliers and wait for replies. With The Build Chain, quote comparison can begin quickly and best value can be achieved without having to chase individual merchants.

By increasing the efficiency of their procurement, Rasico Construction now has more time to focus on delivering the high standard of service they are known for to their clients.

Rachael Jolley, Managing Director of Rasico Construction, said:

“The Build Chain has been a fantastic introduction to our business, saving us substantial amounts of money on many items and equally as important, it’s saved us substantial amounts of time. The construction industry has seen substantial increases in prices over the last few years so every penny counts towards making projects commercially viable. Delighted we were introduced to this product.”

If you’d like to experience the benefits of The Build Chain platform for yourself, get in touch and book a demo.  

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