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Eliminate Procurement Hassles with Our Digital Platform

Tackle your daily procurement challenges with ease. Our platform provides unmatched efficiency, sustainability, and compliance, ensuring you stay ahead in the construction industry.

Achieve Best Value

Save up to 5% on procurement costs by benchmarking prices from multiple suppliers in one intuitive dashboard. Compare quotes effortlessly to get the best deals.

Save Time

Reduce procurement time by up to 50% with our streamlined process. One enquiry form, one dashboard, and automated document storage mean less admin and more action.

Build & Maintain Relationships

Strengthen supplier relationships with our in-platform live chat. Communicate in real-time to build and maintain crucial partnerships.

Benefits for Contractors

Access New Supply Chains

Connect with over 500 branches to find the materials you need quickly and efficiently. Expand your supply network effortlessly.


Maintain a comprehensive digital footprint of all procurement activities, ensuring seamless compliance and governance without the hassle.

Improve Sustainability

Cut transport-related emissions with a localised supply chain. Generate downloadable sustainability reports to showcase your green initiatives.

Discover How Quick and Easy The Build Chain Is

Experience our user-friendly platform with an interactive demo procurement process.

THB Streamlines Supply Chain and Improves Project Delivery with The Build Chain

"Before joining The Build Chain, the company's procurement process was inefficient. The slow and manul process of having to contact merchants had led to the company relying heavily on pre-existing quotes and agreed rates from suppliers. Without realising, the company had been overpaying for materials..."

“The Build Chain allows us to contact multiple suppliers in the space of minutes, providing rates quickly and easily accessible through their online portal. Not only does The Build Chain offer THB financial gain, but also allows the company to engage with local suppliers, streamlining our supply chain, and helping to improve the delivery of our projects.”

David Broughton, Commercial Director

Rasico Construction saves time and increases efficiency with The Build Chain

In their first week, they submitted six enquiries and received 18 quotes, an average of three per enquiry. Responses were received quickly:

  • Five enquiries received 10 quotes within an hour
  • One enquiry received three quotes in 15 minutes, with the quickest arriving in 3 minutes and 49 seconds
  • 14 of the 18 quotes were delivered within two hours

Managing Director Rachael Jolley said: “The Build Chain has been a fantastic introduction to our business, saving us substantial amounts of money on many items and equally as important, it’s saved us substantial amount of time. The construction industry has seen substantial increases in prices over the last few years so every penny counts towards making projects commercially viable. Delighted we were introduced to this product.”

Simple, Transparent Pricing for Sub-Contractors

Keep 100% of Your Savings - We Don't Take a Cut from Your Spend

1 Year Plan £1200 + VAT Per user per year.

Paid Annually


  • Unlimited Purchase & Hire Enquiries
  • Unlimited Quotes
  • Correspondence Archive
  • Internal Metrics
  • External Market Metrics
  • Category Spend Reports
  • Location Spend Reports

The Build Chain can assist many job roles...

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We work with Contractors of all types to provide efficient solutions...

The construction industry has had its challenges recently with price inflation and product availability.

Our vision is to deliver efficiencies in supply chain solutions by effectively sourcing local suppliers, competitive pricing and product availability. The platform allows users to drive enquiries online – filtering by stock, location and availability. This ensures contractor enquiries only reach relevant suppliers which improves the buying process and optimises true value.

Neil Sheldon - CEO, The Build Chain

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