Merchant Benefits

The Build Chain was developed using our founders 25 years of digital platforms knowledge coupled with expertise from leading National merchants, indpendents and industry bodies to create a market leading digital procurement tool for contractors that connected perfectly for the supply chain.

Accessing New Customers

Access new customers with relevant enquiries

New Revenue Streams

Generate new revenue with an affordable online channel to market

Creating Demand

Tailor your stock to suit local demand and maximsie opportunities


With a simplified way of working, it produces the opportunity to introduce standard process across your organisation, which increases productivity and also accountability of the workforce. Information and documents cannot be lost, and are always stored in accessible locations whilst remaining secure.

Local Market Knowledge

Learn more about your local market with data driven insights

ESG Initiatives

As contractors look to more local supply chains to improve their sustainability and spending in local econmonies, a local offering has never been more important, by having access to location relevant enquiries you can play your part in helping the construction industry target net zero.

Only £50 per month.