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How does The Build Chain assist Account Managers?


An account manager is responsible for maintaining and enhancing relationships with customers, providing a point of contact approach and ensuring customers feel valued and are happy with every aspect of the service delivered to drive long term value for both organisation and customers.

Problems Faced:

Negotiating with customers on pricing, delivery date and specific order details for each product line

Actively prospecting for new business to increase scale of operations

Adapting to the changing product landscape and offer insights to assist with the implementation of sales strategies

Maintaining and potentially increasing the conversion rate of quotations to orders

Our Solution:

Our quotation process provides account managers with a simple format to reply to enquiries where they can include documents (e.g., itemised quotations, pricing agreements), any comments (e.g., price breakdowns, delivery details) and any offers (e.g., new or existing customer discounts). Our live chat feature allows for further communication with the customer to negotiate order details. The account manager also has the option to send revised quotes after liaising with the client.

With the Build Chain’s instant matching process account managers have access to new customers with every enquiry sent by a contractor that matches their location and product offering. With a greater customer base suppliers are better positioned to expand and scale up.

Our reports can add crucial understanding of the market landscape including a breakdown of demand in relation to product category and location. This allows account managers to make the most out of their serviceable area by adapting their strategy to the needs of their customers and any potential customers.

Using our platform merchants can compete with their local, regional and national market on a level playing without the need for large, designated advertising budgets. With our platform suppliers only receive suitable enquiries for what they can fulfil, this saves time wasted filtering through unsuitable quotes and allows them to put more focus and attention on converting quotations to orders.

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