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How does The Build Chain assist Business Development Managers?


Business development managers are primarily responsible for driving business growth by developing new business opportunities and varied sales networks.

Problems Faced:

Identifying new business opportunities, including new markets, new clients, new partnerships or new products and services

Building relationships with new clients, gauging their needs and developing proposals to address these needs

Preparing and producing reports for management

Creating annual business development plans in conjunction with the managing director as well as forecasting sales targets and growth projections

Our Solution:

With access to external market reports business development managers can identify growth markets, where their product offerings are suited to/ what products suit their location and which areas to expand into. The Build Chain dashboard offers instant access to new customers presenting greater opportunities to widen a suppliers customer base to reduce the risk of economic downturn and future supply chain unpredictability.

Our dashboard condenses all enquiry information into one easy to read format for merchants to send back informed and accurate quotes. Users can communicate directly with customers through the live chat to gauge their specific requirements and then send revised quotes to meet their needs.

We generate internal and external performance reports that provide feedback on a merchant’s internal functioning's and show detailed operational reports on each branch i.e., which branch is receiving the most enquiries, their response rate and their local response rate compared to all The Build Chain suppliers in their area. This highlights where efficiency gains can be made and where management are best to focus their resources.

Business development managers can use our reports to drive data led business development plans and strategically outline where/how to increase performance. They can use procurement archives to reliably and accurately produce sales targets and growth projections.

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