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How does The Build Chain assist Sales Directors?


A sales director trains, supervises and supports a company's sales team to supply construction equipment, products, and services to individuals and construction contractors. They provide customer service to clients and businesses, as well as establish vendor relations with manufacturers and other suppliers.

Problems Faced:

Executing strategic plans to reach sales targets and expand the customer base

Using a combination of sales methods and techniques to engage with relevant decision makers, selling the product benefits

Monitor and report on the activities of competitors

Maintaining a consistent sales approach to sales whilst personalising strategy depending on the customer

Our Solution:

Our platform provides instant access to new customers right at merchant’s fingertips every time there is a new enquiry or a new site in their location. A greater customer base can translate to higher demand and increased sales for a supplier.

By removing touch points and streamlining the procurement process sales directors can liaise directly with decision makers in businesses that are serious about sourcing materials and equipment. Our virtual expo feature provides another sales tool to showcase new product lines they may stock, new promotions or any sales materials.

Within our reports we rank each supplier’s response rate compared to all The Build Chain Suppliers in a supplier’s area, this clearly and simply shows sales directors how their team is performing compared to their competitors. Reports into successful/ unsuccessful quotes can highlight where how competitors are performing and where they are offering more competitive quotations.

Our platform provides a standardised and systematic process to quoting enquiries that ensures a consistent format of quotes However with the dashboard’s flexibility sales directors can easily personalise their approach, they can send unique offers and discounts, attach customer specific documentation and personalise their own rhetoric over out live chat.

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