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Empowering Procurement Professionals: How Our Digital Procurement Platform Enhances Your Work Life, Not Replaces It

Does new technology threaten longstanding jobs within the construction industry? As a new digital construction procurement platform, it’s a concern we encounter a lot. The introduction of new tech does have the potential to impact longstanding jobs, but the nature and extent of this can vary widely depending on several factors.

We designed The Build Chain to assist people in their tasks, improve efficiency and provide valuable insights, allowing skilled professionals to focus on the most important parts of their jobs that technology will never be able to replace.

Positive Impacts Of New Technology In The Construction Industry

Technology is creating new job opportunities, simplifying processes, and enhancing workers’ abilities to carry out their roles across the construction industry. Although new tech is undoubtedly reshaping traditional roles, it often creates opportunities for workers to adapt, upskill and find new roles within the evolving landscape.

For example, the increasing reliance on technology creates demand for professionals who can maintain, manage, and troubleshoot complex systems. Other benefits of technology can include:

  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Cost savings
  • Better project planning and management
  • Quality control
  • Sustainability
  • Remote collaboration
  • Data-driven insights

The Build Chain: Making Construction Procurement More Efficient

The Build Chain aims to complement the work of buyers, commercial teams, and other procurement professionals by making tasks easier and more efficient.

We automate the time consuming, repetitive task of materials and equipment enquiries by allowing you to submit just one enquiry, which is then instantly matched with relevant, local suppliers. These suppliers send quotes through the system, allowing you to compare them all in one dashboard.

This negates the need to phone and email multiple suppliers who might not even have what you need, and you no longer need to spend any time chasing up quotes you’ve not received. If you do need to discuss any of the quotes you’ve received, there’s an in-built live chat facility in the system to make this quick and easy.

This allows users to focus on more strategic and value-added activities instead, such as building positive relationships with their suppliers.

Enhanced Decision Making With A Construction Procurement Platform

Receiving all your quotes in one location leads to enhanced decision making. You can accurately compare pricing, see which suppliers can provide all of your enquiry vs part of your enquiry, and view how far each supplier from your site is.

The platform creates a digital footprint of all procurement activity, so it’s also easy to provide your team with data driven reports.

Collaboration and Communication

The construction industry is built on strong relationships, and we didn’t want the digital nature of our platform to detract from this. The live chat facility within the platform allows contractors and suppliers to communicate with each other efficiently and continue building important relationships.

Each business that uses The Build Chain can also have multiple users, ensuring that everyone has access to the same information. This can help avoid issues like duplicate enquiries or ordering more materials than required.

Support and Training

When implementing any new business system, there is a learning curve involved. We provide comprehensive training and support to all users of the platform, including training videos and live training. We give you multiple options to contact us when needed: email, phone, and live chat on our website.

The Build Chain Success Stories

Here’s what one new user had to say after their first week on the platform:

“The Build Chain has been a fantastic introduction to our business, saving us substantial amounts of money on many items and, equally as important, it’s saved us substantial amounts of time.”

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As a procurement professional in the construction industry, your expertise and unique contributions remain irreplaceable. Our platform is designed to amplify your impact within your business.

Ready to try The Build Chain? We offer everyone a completely FREE trial. Book a demo and we’ll get you signed up!

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